Freunde, Friends
Kollektive Sicherheit, 2017
Wellington, New Zealand
Three experimental short films from Leipzig, Germany screened in Wellington, New Zealand. The films discuss various ideas and attributions attaining to the concept of a collective identity. The starting point for each exploration are terms, phrases or single sounds, which are questioned by the inclusion of moving image, trying to make sense from an individual viewpoint or to deconstruct, at times with an ironic undertone. Films by Sita Scherer, Susanna Berivan, Andrea Rüthel, Juliane Jaschnow, Stefanie Schroeder.
Online Writers, 2017
Online Exhibition
New Zealand based artists respond to friendship — romantic, platonic, intimate (or any other categories our care may fall into). Curated by Jordana Bragg. With Simon Gennard, Faith Wilson, Jessica Lim,
Ten Hours Behind Ahead, 2016
Lütz Ausstellung & Studio
Leipzig, Germany
Eight artists from New Zealand exhibit in Leipzig, Germany. The exhibition brought together forms of, and enquires into the concepts and variations of distance, belonging, displacement and memory. Works by Caroline McQuarrie, Laura Duffy, Negin Dastgheib, Ruby Joy Eade, BENT, Teresa Collins, Talia Smith, Josephine Jelicich, Hannah Ström.
Friends are Artists, 2016
Büro für Bestimmte Dinge
Berlin, Germany
An invitation, a request. Works by Jordana Bragg, Yvette Velvin, Lucy Wardle, Josephine Jeilcich, Ed Bats, April Brimer, Zena Bartlett, Jon Drypnz.
Frunde sind Künstler, 2016
Pyramid Club
Wellington, New Zealand
In response to, Friends are Artists, artists from Germany exhibit in New Zealand. Works by Ilse Ermine, Andy Heller, Benjamin Keddy, Ulrike Kolb, Jan Lemitz, Maria-leena Räihälä, Lance Ravenswood, Stefan Riebel, Samin Son.

Freunde, Friends is a collaborative and curatorial project that invites and encourages emerging artists and writers to exhibit in Germany and New Zealand, while exploring new forms of exhibiting and publishing work. The project is run by Megan Dieudonné and Jordana Bragg.