Wellington, 2016

In response to our first exhibition, Freunde sind Künstler*innen invites artists based in Europe to exhibit in Wellington, New Zealand.

Down a dimly lit hallway with bad office carpet sat on the floor screened in analogue Samin Son’s I go and I return. I return so I go. I go so I return / In the ticketless plane from Barcelona airport, Catalunya, Spain to Tangier, Morocco, (AV, March 2016), we see the artist’s tears on ‘A ticketless plane’ the sheer stress and fear of having nowhere to go, the constant threat of expulsion.

With photographic artists’ such as Andy Heller, Ulrike Kolb and Jan Lemitz sharing portraits of the places they had been in the world, which many will not get to go to directly. Due to postage size and weight restraints Freunde Sind Künstler*innen was dominated by video and photographic works, containing only one sculptural element: Stefan Riebel’s sculptural work BEING EVERYWHERE (balloon in cardboard box), 2016. This work in particular became very dear to many, made the world seem small (if that balloon can make it, maybe it’s not so dangerous or far away after all, maybe so can I), a romantic gesture of sorts, BEING EVERYWHERE brought us together and made us closer.

Works by, Ilse Ermine, Andy Heller, Benjamin Keddy, Ulrike Kolb, Luc Ferry, Maria-Leena Räihälä, Stefan Riebel, Jan Lemitz.

Thank you to Pyramid Club Wellington.

Read a text about the exhibition here. Written by Lucy Wardle