Berlin, 2019

A project by Ellyse Randrup about sending and receiving friends writing online.

Held within the space of an email or letter Ode to the month of May collects friends writing and creates an exercise and experience about reading friends writing online. As a voice caught in a thought of musing topics and questions the project accumulates and grows as texts arrive in Ellyse's inbox. Later they are combined and published online with

Contributions by two designers from New York, one writer from London and two writers and artists from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Ode to the month of May can be read here.

A special thank you to Stefan Riebel and Ulrike Riebel from Institut für alles Mogliche for kindly providing a space for us to experiment, talk, sleep and present Ode.

Organised by Megan.

photos and screenshots taken by Ellyse and Megan, June 09-10 2019