Three experimental short films from Leipzig, Germany screened in Wellington, New Zealand. The films discuss various ideas and attributions attaining to the concept of a collective identity. The starting point for each exploration are terms, phrases or single sounds, which are being questioned by the inclusion of moving image, trying to make sense from an individual viewpoint or to deconstruct, at times with an ironic undertone.

The screening took place on 17 November 2017, at Meanwhile

Ruhe Frieden Sicherheit
Sita Scherer
09:53, 2016
An analogue nightmare of the world, designed by 3000 - 3600 people who gathered in Dresden, Germany on April 25, 2016. Here, calm peace and security are replaceable phrases which stand for the sealing-off off the home, the garden fence and the country's border.

Susanna Berivan, Andrea Rüthel
04:50, 2017
Verbal and visual instructions for the imitation of a communicative gesture. Deviations can be either accounted as mistakes or as new meanings.

Juliane Jaschnow, Stefanie Schroeder
13:13, 2015
Dun·kel·deutsch·land [1] colloquial: a pejorative term used by the citizens from the former FRG for the new German Federal States - GDR; characteristic combination of words: coming from~; synonyms: no; no plural.

[ A ghost train ride through the former East-German industrial region near Halle/ Bitterfeld is trying to get rid of its bad reputation: Chimneys and factories are disappearing - wellness centers are opening, sheep are grazing under solar panels. Recent past is stored close to a new surface. The Dunkel-Deutschland-born filmmakers stumbling, a subjective camera is trying to find the right distance. Their journey starts in the former ORWO film factory in Wolfen, where people used to work in complete darkness. ]