Seven New Zealand based artists respond to friendship — romantic, platonic, intimate (or any other categories our care may fall into). With, Hana Aoake, Mya Middleton, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Jessica Lim, Faith Wilson, Simon Gennard.
gurlz by Faith Wilson

Let’s sit under the moon
let’s be stars
Did you know that stars are angels?
And you are all my angels and I am yours.
You know me
You know me intimately
know my tone of voice when I’m shitty
know that when I’m shitty I don’t mean it
and that I don’t hold grudges.
And that I love you more openly when i’m drunk
but no less when I’m sober I’m just more coy about it

You know I don’t fuq on the first date not as a matter of principle
but because I get scared
and that I’m pseudo-mystical
but 100 a psycho
and that my revolutionary politics
sometimes come second to my love of television dramas
but that my culture is my number one love
and everything else revolves around that.

I know you both like my fave films rewatched over and over
you love them and can predict what happens
but sometimes there’s a part you forgot and it pleasantly surprises you again
or you notice something you’d never noticed before
and you’re reminded of why this is the best film in the world
and why you are the best friends in the universe

Was it written in the stars that at four in the morning
we us three, would sit at the centre of the world
pushing dawn from daylight
to make the night last longer
probably with some junk food and a joint
and could you have known that each word
I share with you contains a secret
and you’ll know many of them
but not all of them for
we cannot share all of ourselves -
so revel in the parts of others that are opened just for you.

Lie here with me my friends
I’ll lie with you
Lets love each other tonight and always
we’re jewels lined up on the windowsill of my room
spreading rays, catching light.